What Martin Luther King Jr. and The Alchemist Can Teach You About Listening

by Dr. Christopher on January 17, 2011

I have a dream. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

What if MLK didn’t have a dream?

Better yet, what if he had a dream, but chose to think …

That’s ridiculous.  That’s never going to happen.  People will judge and criticize me for that dream.  They’ll call me ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish.’  I should just ignore this dream.

How would the world be different if MLK didn’t act on his dream to make it a reality?

Reflecting on The Alchemist

When you really want something, the universe always conspires in your favor. ~from The Alchemist

I recently read  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (who has 4,059,426 “likes” on Facebook by the way).

With a theme of pursing your dreams and wondering what makes the most influential people in this world so resonant, I once again can’t help but think how many of us …

Don’t listen to our hearts.

Don’t allow ourselves to dream.

Don’t act to make our dreams reality because of fear.

Not only do we quiet our hearts and dreams, but we quiet those of our children, weeding out the seed of their dreams before it ever has a chance to take root.

So their hearts become silent, and their dreams empty.

And the world suffers without anyone’s dream becoming reality.

Do you have a dream?

MLK had a dream …. and he told us all about it.

Do you have a dream?

Are your dreams yours, or those of another?

Does your heart talk to you?  Do you listen to your heart?  Or has it learned through experience not to even bother, because no one is listening?

MLK – by U2 …

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