The Un-Invention of Lying

by Dr. Christopher on January 11, 2012

Could it be easier to look yourself in the mirror having not lied?

What if lying were never invented?

You would be forced to either:

  • a) tell the truth.
  • b) shut up.

Then, of course, your body language might be telling your truth subconsciously if you chose “b)”.

Or even if you do lie, perhaps your body language would tell the truth anyway.

If lying were never invented:

  • There would be no assumptions.  You could ask someone exactly what she’s feeling and she’d tell you the truth.
  • There would be less break-ups and divorces.  You could ask your potential mate exactly what he wanted and match his desires to your’s to assess for congruency.
  • There would be more free time.  You’d know exactly the type of person someone is and decide whether she deserves your friendship or not.
  • A lot more would get doneMovers could assemble together for similar goals and actually take action and change the world.  No alterior motives could be a great thing.
  • You would enjoy every meal.  Have you ever been in a restaurant, been torn between several meal items, only to order one item and to immediately regret that decision, wishing you had ordered another?  If you couldn’t lie to yourself, you would pick the perfect option every time.
  • There would be trust everywhere.  Your “word” would match its weight in gold.  No broken promises.  Plenty more pick-me-ups and love to be shared.  People could ask for help, get it, and would never have to suffer alone again.
  • You would sleep better at night.  Knowing you acted exactly as you were meant to act, based on who you are, in congruence with your own personal values, allows you to lie in bed and not worry about “if” you will wake up tomorrow morning.  Because you were exactly who you were supposed to be today.

The romantic comedy, The Invention of Lying, shed light on what this world would look like.  (I highly recommend watching it).

How great would it be if people actually acted as if lying were never invented?  As if integrity mattered?

What if we could un-invent lying (abolish the concept of “lying” altogether) in this world, today?

I imagine that the world would be a much better place.

What are your thoughts on un-inventing lying?

Dr. Christopher Stepien is a chiropractor, chronic pain specialist, and A.R.T. provider, and clinic director of the Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic in Morristown, NJ.  He practices out of Guerrilla Fitness:Crossfit Morristown.

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becky johnsen January 14, 2012 at 2:22 pm

I am reminded of the line from a movie, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

Honestly (note the truth here) I think it would cause much unhappiness and anger. I think we should act with integrity…..sometimes that means NOT telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth unless we are in a court of law under oath.

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