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Enjoy Your Shoes: Happy “Freedom” Day 2012

by Dr. Christopher on July 3, 2012

Perspective is a powerful tool for change and a better life.

Some ignore their health for decades.  They witness a loved one die prematurely from lifestyle choices (a sugar-laden diet or a 2-pack-a-day cigarette habit).  Next thing you know, they’re working out 7x/week and eating like a perfectionist.

Others are complacent living the life that the universe has seemed to hand them.  Victimized.  They witness a person who lives his passion, doing exactly what he wants every single day that he awakens, trying to get others to do the same.  Finally, they realize they can have their dreams too.  Pursuing the job they never thought they could have, the travelling they were always too scared to do, or the family they never imagined they could have.

When you get out of your shoes and put on someone else’s, you see the world through a different lens that allows you to take different actions than you would have taken before.  To change your reality to create the life of your dreams.  And to appreciate what you have.

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