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The Nature of Unhappiness (or The Reality of Duality)

by Dr. Christopher on June 15, 2012

The duality of life

Eating in silence, focusing on your food, where it came from, and how much of the world doesn’t have a peanut to eat, is a form of meditation.

But sometimes, when you’re not relaxed, you’re stressed.  And your brain craves numbing in the form of the brain zapper that is your television.

To unplug from reality for five minutes before the meetings I have to attend, Lea and I sit down to watch five minutes of one of my favorite movies, Soul Surfer, while I finish my man salad.

It’s the true story of a girl who gets her arm bit off by a shark and goes on to surf with her handicap, win some surfing championships, inspiring the world.

Bethany is in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami, where the natives have become fearful of the water, where the tsunami came from.  Remember, Bethany was attacked by a shark.  A live one.  With rows of sharp teeth and black goblin-like eyes.  And that traumatic event did not stop her from going back in the water.

So Bethany, with some cajoling, manages to inspire a young boy to get into the water with her on a surfboard, thereby causing tears to well up in Christopher’s eyes.

“What are these?”  I think to myself.  “Tears?”

“Stop crying you sissy” says Lea, my ten-year-old sister.  Just kidding, she didn’t say that.  But she might as well have said it because of her eyes.  They were judging me.

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