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2011: A New Year, A New You!

by Dr. Christopher on January 3, 2011

Transitions such as births, deaths, seasons, and holidays bring opportunity.

An opportunity to feel emotion, analyze, and reflect.

The New Year is no different.

With nearly everyone you know making resolutions, you’d think that year after year, we would all be able to create an ideal life.

Year after year, you make a decision to lose 20 pounds, run a mile, get a raise at your job, or be closer to your spouse.

How many years in a row do you make that resolution?  Or each year, are you coming closer to the life of your dreams?

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The Humble Observer Himself!

by Dr. Christopher on October 3, 2010

Hey Abe! Pass the mashed potatoes! (Courtesy of MCS@flickr)

I have a roundtable of friends in my head.  I imagine that they are available for consultation with me whenever I’m in need of guidance.  I got this idea after reading Think and Grow Richby Napoleon Hill.

Here are the people at my roundtable:

  • Abraham Lincoln: Honest Abe!  Come on.  Of course he’s at my table!
  • Walter Payton: The best running back in professional football history.  Nicknamed “Sweetness” because of his compassionate heart.  One of my role-models as “father” and “husband.”  (His foundation for children in Illinois).
  • Tim Ferriss and Chris Guilleabeau: Internet powerhouses that inspire the willies out of me.
  • Eric Cressey: Strength coach out of Boston who has taught me more through his blog than I learned in chiropractic school.
  • Eddie Vedder (turn the volume up, sit quietly, and eat it up): Lead singer of Pearl Jam.  I still think he needs a chiropractor.  Anyone know his contact information?  Let him know that I’ll work for free.  But in exchange, he has to let me hang out all day and ask him all of my questions.
  • Martin Luther King: The guy had a pretty big dream and he didn’t let it go for anyone.  You’ve got to respect that.
  • God or “G”: With salt and pepper beard and some pretty mean muscles.  He wears cargo shorts, but no shirt and no shoes.  Oh, and he has a great smile that gives my heart the jimmies!  Just how I picture my imaginary friend “G”, the personification for the purpose of making God easier to talk to, even when I’m not praying.  “These mashed potatoes are delicous, aren’t they G?!  You didn’t put milk in when I wasn’t looking, did you?!” 
  • Eustace Conway: Creator of Turtle Island, his home.  Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, also wrote a book called The Last American Man.   Eustace Conway is ‘The Last American Man.’  Nature is his life. 
  • William Brady: The humble observer himself and the most amazing healer I’ve ever seen.  I’m confident that if there’s anyone in the United States that can fix chronic pain, he’s at the top of my list.  One day, I’ll be as good of a chiropractor that he is.  Until then, if you can get to Boston, he’ll fix you. [click to continue…]


Smashing the Cage: Live The Unconventional Life

September 13, 2010

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them. ~Henry David Thoreau Have you ever felt like you were meant to do something great?  That whatever you were doing was not satisfactory for the life you were meant to live?  That you felt as if your […]

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