The Humble Observer’s Guide to Health and Happiness

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

As always, we begin with a question for reflection …Can a life be fully and richly lived when one’s health suffers?

We all know someone who is the fittest individual we’ll ever meet, yet, she is not happy with who she is and her purpose in life.

We all know another who is doing exactly what he wants with his life, yet, he won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as a heart attack at age 48 awaits him from a lack of exercise, poor food choices, and extreme mental stress.

The purpose of the Humble Observer is to reach your full potential in not just one, but in all aspects of life: spirit, mind, and body.



Life starts with the SPIRIT, your “why.”

Your spirit is the difference between life and non-life, between human and chair.

Your spirit sheds light on your purpose for waking up everyday.  It is your reason for being, inspiring you, and making life worth living.  When on your deathbed, you can say that (this) was what your life was about.

1.  Purpose

2.  Potential

3.  Gratitude

4.  Inspiration



Once you know your purpose and reason for being, you mold your MIND to serve your spirit.

Your thoughts, dreams, beliefs, actions, and habits are tools to create the life of your dreams.  They’re all exchangeable to serve the purpose you desire.

Here is your tool-belt to create your dream life.

1.  Checking your Dreams and Desires

2.  Thoughts

3.  Beliefs

4.  Goal Setting

5.  Behavior & Habits

6.  Action

7.  Tools

8.  Stress



Your BODY is the vehicle that allows you to use the tools of the mind to act in congruence with your desires on a daily basis, thus creating your dream life.

Without health, how can anything be achieved and enjoyed?

You can’t live your life purpose, whether that’s taking care of your kids, spending time with loved ones, or doing hobbies, when you’re sick all of the time … or worse, dead.

1.     Movement




2.  Diet

The Humble Observer’s Beginner Guide to the Paleo Diet

3.  Toxins

4.  Rest


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