Thought Farming: Water One Seed at a Time

by Dr. Christopher on December 13, 2010

Courtesy of Advait Supnekar

How big is your thought garden?  Do your seeds flower?  Or are your hands in too many baskets at one time, with not enough cultivation of your most important seeds?

Wanting five flowers that you love versus twenty flowers that you just like can be the difference between failure and success.

You’re one person with two hands.  You have only one watering bucket, and can cultivate one seed, maybe two seeds at a time.

Which ones are the most important to you?

Choosing Your Favorite Flowers IS Time Management

You’ve all heard the excuses.

There’s not enough time in the day.

I don’t have the time.

I can’t do everything.

This is true.  But guess what.  If something matters, you’ll get it done.  Guaranteed.

You don’t have the time to exercise or prepare healthy foods because of your job and your kids.  But when the doctor says that you’re at risk for diabetes or cancer, you’ll make the time to diet and exercise.

You don’t have the time to take your significant other out to eat once a week or to play with your children.  But when your husband or wife starts drifting away or your kids are getting themselves into trouble, you’ll make the time to spend with them.

You don’t have the time to get better at golf or playing the piano.  But when you want to be a great golf or piano player badly, you’ll make the time.

Understand the difference in the language used.  It’s not about having time, it’s about making time for the priorities in your life.

You Can Only Water One Seed at a Time

What five seeds do you want to see come true the most?

Here are five seeds or priorities that are most important in my life, in order.

  1. Relationships – family, friends, patients
  2. Health – exercise, diet, and meditation
  3. Chiropractic practice
  4. Reading
  5. Music

It’s important for you to choose your own seeds on your list.  Everyone’s list will be different as everyone wants different things in their lives.

For me, watching television, extraneous tasks such as reading emails, spending time on facebook, or driving are seeds way down my list.  These tasks do serve a purpose (television lets my brain “turn off”, email enables me to connect with others and read blogs I find interesting, and driving allows me to connect with others physically), but they are seeds that I would rather not water more than absolutely necessary because they aren’t that important to me.  If these seeds are at the top of your list, then water away.

The order is important too.  Even if I have my health (#2), it doesn’t matter if I’m not connected with others (#1).  I don’t deliver the best treatment to my patients (#3) unless I’m eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep (#2.).  When time is conflicted, I merely have to look at my list and ask which is a higher priority.

Because these things matter the most, I make time to cultivate each of these areas of my life.  At the end of the day, I’m pleased with my life path because my desires/dreams and daily actions are congruent with each other.

Last week, the question was “What kind of thought seeds are you planting?”

This week, it’s “What are the 5 most important seeds (areas of your life) you should be cultivating?”

Many Thanks to Billy Gregson for help editing this post.

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