Rainbows, Geese, and Your Body: Making Sense of Stuff

by Dr. Christopher on February 14, 2011

My favorite picture from the trip.

First off, Hawaii is gorgeous.  Go there.  I highly recommend it.      

There are millions of rainbows that lead to flipping whales at their ends.  Not lying.       

Secondly, Hawaii is dangerous.  Turtle arms are smaller than usual because sharks bite them off.  Cliffs seem to want you to fall into the ocean.        

Besides the threat of death, Hawaii can seriously allow you space to reflect.       

Lunges more than prepare you for seriously long hikes.

11 miles of ups and downs along a foot-wide path on the cliffs of Kalalau on the island of Kaua’i tax the body in a very functional way.       

Fortunately, I’ve been doing lunges nearly every workout, if at least using them to warm up with.        

Lunges made the ups easy.       

Want to hike more easily?       

Practice your lunges and step-ups, pushing from your heel, not your toes.  You can enjoy the sight instead of bending over exasperated from the climb at the top of that mountain.       

Not being able to do something you’re excited about is depressing.

My friend Kevin leading the way as my stomach rises to my throat.

As strong as my hips and thighs felt, my ankles were in pain.     

I had such a hard time walking after the first leg of the trip on the way to Kalalau that I had nightmares I was going to fall off the cliff on the way back.        

Death is not a fun thought when waves toss you like a bean bag at sharp rocks.       

I finished the second leg back, but I’ve been walking with a mild limp ever since.        

It made me realize once again that the type of care I deliver in my chiropractic life is not about getting people out of pain.       

It’s about getting people to do what they love, whether that’s Crossfitting, playing with their children, or playing a round of golf.       

Because not being to do what you love is heart-breaking.       

If you have a chronic injury that you’re neglecting, please get someone to fix it.  Your self that dreams will thank you for it.       

Life is better when it’s slower.

 Waking up.  Taking the time to make breakfast.  Having nothing else to do but grab a book and head to the beach.  Life seems to be much more perfect when it’s simple and slow.       

That is Hawaii.       

That is not New Jersey.       

To boldly remind me of this fact, a flock of geese were taking their time to cross the road this morning on my way to work.       

Staying peaceful, I slowed to a complete stop to let them pass.        

A break in the chain gave me an opportunity to continue.  I did.  10 seconds later, I realize I forgot something at home.  After a quick U-turn, I head back home, and I see a dead goose in the middle of the road.       

As a person who rarely lets his temper get the best of him, I was able to stay calm at the geese crossing the street.       

I was not able to stay calm at the person who ran over that goose. 

And the goose isn’t even my favorite animal.  The dolphin is.       

Really, you, who ran over the goose, you couldn’t wait 20 more seconds to let the rest of the geese pass.  So you had to take a life?       

Slow down YOU, those who run over geese!!        

You might live another 15 years from less stress.  Plus, I’ll love living in New Jersey so much more.     

Life is good.  Especially when you don’t have to worry about your health.

 In conclusion, Hawaii is good, angry oceans below cliffs are scary, geese are harmless, and without a strong, healthy body to worry about, life is so much more enjoyable.     

Take care of it.    


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!  I love you!

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{ 4 comments… read them below or add one }

Jenny February 15, 2011 at 10:36 pm

Loved this article Chris – Paleo challenge? We’re still in.

Christopher February 17, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Happy you liked it Jenny. Yes, you, the other Scarano, and my one other friend who I can’t believe is still in it. So 3 of you. You might have to sabotage your sister?

Terry February 22, 2011 at 3:09 pm

No mud? I forgot to ask you. When I hiked the Na’Pali coast quite a few years ago it was one long mud slide. Fortunately I did a shorter hike and were not on the sheer cliff faces as much as you. The views were awesome but the hiking was very difficult, it was almost impossible to stand up. After that I decided to hike the desert instead of the rain forest!

Christopher February 23, 2011 at 4:56 pm

There was a ton of mud!! I was very nervous of slipping off of the cliff. My shoes were caked with it. I tried to wipe the mud off on every rock I passed. So that’s why you like the desert so much!!

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