Laura’s Story

I am Chris’ mother and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He is fortunate that he has found his passion at such a young age.  It took me a lot longer but I still found it.  I always knew that I wanted to work in a profession where I could help people but I took a circuitous route.  Although I initially started out with a degree in psychology, a detour in my values led me to an MBA in accounting and a profession as a senior finance executive in the corporate world.  Ten years ago I recognized that my values and my profession were misaligned which was creating disharmony in my life.  I realized that I could use my financial knowledge and skills to help people find peace of mind and achieve goals that align with their values.  By helping people gain control over their financial situation, money becomes a very important tool that helps them achieve their life’s purpose.   

As a Wealth Manager, my focus is consulting and education.  I work for my clients only and I provide responsible guidance that is unbiased, objective and based upon my knowledge of finance, not based upon sales of products.  I believe that this is a big responsibility which is why I continue to go to school, first getting a Certified Financial Planning designation (CFP) in 2002 and then as I continue to pursue a PhD in Financial Planning.  I also have committed to work as a fiduciary at all times, which means that I am legally responsible for the advice that I give.  Most financial advisors do not work as a fiduciary which I think is irresponsible, immoral and unethical.  It is about accountability and responsibility.  In my practice, I have witnessed the irreparable damage that has been created by people who call themselves financial advisors but don’t have the knowledge or skills and do not work as fiduciaries. 

My hope is that the average person will recognize that financial security is achievable but it requires discipline and a plan.  Taking control of our own financial health is imperative to enjoy a great quality of life.  Only then can individuals achieve the happiness that the humble observer promotes.

Laura can be contacted at lauram(at)baron-financial(dot)com.

Laura giving complimentary advice in Harlem. Doing “Your Money Bus” on CBS.
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