How to Create Super Babies: A Plan for World Domination

by Dr. Christopher on August 30, 2010

Courtesy of NickNguyen

Two friends of mine just had a baby!  Notice the exclamation point!  Elaine would be so proud (Seinfeld episode with Swedish dubbing)!  As more people I know are having them, I imagine what sort of legacy my family is going to leave in this world. 

Evolutionarily speaking, our only job is pass to on our genes.      

With foresight, we can ensure the success of those genes by creating healthy babies.     

It’s Nature & Nurture

 My favorite book in high school was Friday Night Lights.  Being a football fanatic, I grew jealous of how tough the high school football players in Texas have life: ridiculous heat, no shade, and daily jobs that consist of doing brutal farm work.      

Understanding how talented athletes are that come out of Texas, I often joke that when I have kids, their punishment for poorly chosen actions will be to move THE pile of hay from one side of the backyard to the other for the purpose of developing strong bodies.     

In all seriousness, tossing hay around is something my children may be doing in their future.  I often dream of how they will contribute to the world as the world’s most super babies!     

Qualities of a Super Life

Not everyone takes such great care of themselves.  Most would agree that giving their children a better life than they had growing up was of the utmost importance.  Here are the qualities of a life lived to the fullest: 

  1. No symptoms or disease
  2. Minimal unnecessary pain or suffering
  3. Excellence … in physical and mental performance
  4. Happiness … on a daily basis, and an ability to enjoy the simple things
  5. Fearlessness … where dreams are acted upon
  6. Service … the ability to serve others because of a strong upbringing
  7. Death … after age 100 (after all, the human body has approximately 120 years of potential, according to experts).

How to Create a Super Baby

Making babies can be as easy as drinking a hefty amount of alcohol on a Saturday night, making your way to the bar, and finding a similarly inebriated accomplice and spending the night together.  This is not recommended.  Much more efficient to follow these steps. 

  1. Follow “The Rules” that follow (that means you!).
  2. Find a super mate.  A symmetrical face is less likely to have encountered genetic mutations in the body’s formation.  So when it comes to picking a mate, think beauty, symmetry, athleticism, and personality … they all matter and contribute towards the fitness of your future offspring (The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World).  Choose wisely.
  3. Ensure that your mate follows “The Rules.”
  4. Go to “work”.  Enough said.
  5. With the baby born, ensure that the baby follows “The Rules.”

“The Rules”

According to Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), 95% of all disease is not inherently genetic, but environmental.  People turn on genes for disease, like a light switch, through lifestyle choices.   Some rules are meant to be broken, but not these. When you break these, you get sickness, disease, sadness, and an un-super life.   

  • As a parent, eat “The Human Diet” … mostly Vegetables & Fruits, Clean Protein (your meats, fish, eggs, etc.), Some Nuts & Seeds, Little Starch … babies want to eat what they see their parents eating.  Lead by example in all aspects of health.
  • Love your mate and your babyTouch is a required component of health. 

In a journal article in Pediatrics (May 1986), the medical benefits of “tactile/kinesthetic stimulation on preterm neonates” (human touch on premature babies) was explored.  Two variable groups received normal treatment in the hospital’s intensive care unit for premature babies.      

The “touched” group received 45 minutes per day of special attention consisting of stroking and gentle wiggling of the arms and legs through portholes.      

The results were amazing!  The “touched” group gained 47% more weight than the control group although both were fed the same diet.  They also were more alert and acted as normal babies sooner.  The “touched” babies also left the hospital a week ahead of schedule, saving $3,000 per infant on the final bill. (Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams – Deepak Chopra)     

  • Play.  Every movement stage that a baby goes through from being able to lay on their back, to picking their head up for the first time, to being able to lift oneself up with his/her arms, to being able to crawl, etc.,  is a necessary step for proper brain and nervous system development.  You can assist these movements by making sure that no stage is skipped (ie. sitting to walking without the crawl stage).  Get down and play with your kids.
  • Save money.  Forget shoes.  Yes.  Shoes provide protection from broken shards of glass or the possibility of stepping on a venus fly-trap.  But are they healthier for our feet and bodies?  No.  Let your children go barefoot. 
  • Exercise together.  As your babies age over the years, they watch their parents to collect information and knowledge of how to behave in their new world.  If they see you eating well and exercising, they will want to as well.  Once old enough, include them in your exercise activities.  Of course, you will already be doing the exercises that maintain your body’s health.
  • Expose to wide variety of movements and sports.   In ‘Why Michael Couldn’t Hit: And Other Tales of The Neurology of Sports,’ Dr. Harold Klwans explains that as great of an athlete Michael Jordan was, he couldn’t hit because he didn’t develop the coordination during his early years (age 0-12).  Nerve plasticity (the nervous system’s ability to adapt) is most malleable when we are young, and if we want our children to be physically skilled, they must have movement variety early.
  • Emphasize a healthy body as a PREREQUISITE for a Long, Happy, Fulfilling Life.  Families have similar values.  If the parents value health, the children will too.
  • Treat growing child as a fellow human, not as a son/daughter/rule breaker.  When your child does something wrong, have a discussion as to what was done wrong.  Ask questions to tease out answers.  Don’t scold or lecture.  Ask your child his or her dreams.  Water the seed that is their dreams on a daily basis, never taking that away from them.

Why Babies?  Why Not the People Who Already Suffer Today?

“The Rules” are principles that should be applied by everyone.  Just like when you disrespect the law of gravity by jumping out of a plane without a parachute, disrespecting the principles of health will bring you to a  similar fate, although through chronic disease and sadness, which is slower and more painful.    

Babies have a blank slate.  They can be started on the right foot.      

As people age and don’t follow the rules, traumas and injuries are collected so that health seems a lofty goal.  

It is common advice for doctors to tell patients “Don’t squat” or “Don’t run” due to an unhealthy state.  Yes, a minority of the people who receive this advice should heed it because of permanent bony or joint changes that forbid this type of movement.   

But the majority of people just need proper guidance to get on the right path.  Manual therapy is neeeded to remove scar tissue (from life’s previous traumas and incorrect exercises), functional exercise guidance from a knowledgeable strength coach, and mental coaching that emphasizes “Yes, you can do it!”  With dietary intervention to create a health-building environment on the inside, there is hope for everybody to achieve a super life!  World domination is only a choice away.   

Follow “The Rules” and enjoy the fruits of a healthy, happy life, or don’t.  But please, let your baby be super.  It’s in his genes.

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Carlton Ann Daily August 31, 2010 at 7:42 am

Thanks Chris! This is Christopher Santaniello’s aunt. Me have met a few times.

I am thrilled to hear about your advice and plans for the future.

In line with this you can also read the Future of Children by Wilhelm Reich.

He has some wonderful insight to human behavior and man.

I have also found Man in the Trap by Elsworth Baker also insightful.

Keep me posted on your plan for the future and your children.

Carlton Ann Daily
find me on facebook also.


Christopher August 31, 2010 at 9:48 am

Hi Carlton! Of course I remember you! Thank you for your comment and positive words. I added those books to my list. I hope to see you again! Chris

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