Good Reads: 8/5/10

by Dr. Christopher on August 5, 2010

Knowledge is power.  ~ Sir Francis Bacon

Andrew Carnegie gained much of his knowledge from the library.  Almost obsolete, the library is not the best place to get information anymore.  I dare to say that I have learned as much from material on the internet as I have in all of the 3.5 years I spent in chiropractic school.

With that said, I thought I’d start to share some of the research, blog posts, or interesting stuff that I find.  Stuff will be related to health, fitness, life, and things that are FUN…

Research on Barefoot Running by the smart people at Harvard.  When Ivy League people write something, I tend to listen.  I’ve been running barefoot, in Vibrams 5F, or in aqua socks (which cost $5) for about two years now.  While I still have not resolved the health of my lower extremities (I treat the scar tissue in my calves often), I have no plans on going back to conventional shoes.  I love the freedom and connection when barefoot.  I’m grateful alot of smart people are writing research supporting the barefoot movement. (Thanks Mattie for this find)

Hangover Hacks You Can Hang Your Hat On @ Mark’s Daily Apple.  Since I started eating ‘paleo,’ I don’t feel nearly as crappy as I did when I was binging on nachoes and anything else put in front of my face.  My only addition to Mark’s list would be cabbage soup, which always makes me feel brand new after the slightest hint of a hangover.

Every Day A Double Rainbow @ Simple Rabbit Society.  A few friends (Thanks Jess) made me aware of the “Double Rainbow” video.  First, I laughed to myself.  Then, I was caught speechless at its length and intensity.  Finally, I became jealous.  I had seen the movie “Avatar” and fell in love it.  I went to sleep and woke up the next day upset that I didn’t wake up as a N’avi.  I wanted to live in Pandora, in all of its wonder.  I got to thinking … the moral of the story is that Pandora (Heaven if you will), is here on Earth.  If we can realize how beautiful our nature is, we can see a double rainbow everyday as Chloe describes in her post and as “Bear” (yes that’s his name) does in the video.

Contradictions in Our Healthcare System @ Coactive Health.  I went to chiropractic school with Alex (creator of Coactive Health), where I became good friends with him.  He is way more knowledgeable about nutrition, finance, and research than I am.  He brings up some very interesting points on how our healthcare system attempts to fix its own broken system.

Two Words…Fuzz @ San Francisco Crossfit.  Kelly Starrett is the founder of San Francisco Crossfit.  He is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and knows a ton about functional movement.  Here, he presents a video that explains the best reason I’ve found to move and stretch the whole body on a daily basis.  Melt the FUZZ (connective tissue)!  If you don’t, you may need an A.R.T. practicioner (aka a FUZZ-Blaster!) to melt the fuzz for you.

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