Good Life Project Journal


Hi GLP’ers,

I’m trying to spend time reflecting and focusing.  The desire to reflect in a perfectly organized way always results in procrastination.  I will practicing just doing, I think.
  • Worked a bunch.
  • Ate really poorly up to the Christmas dinner and couldn’t get myself to eat dessert. Had a stuffy nose.  Resumed healthy eating 122612.
  • No real increase in client base for Crossfit.  Although it is the holidays.  Preparing for failed resolutions with an animation and some email campaigns.
  • Treated a few patients.
  • Reflecting as much as I’m able.
  • Just spent 30 minutes with one of my patients whose husband left her.  I’m happy I could be there for her.
My challenge for all of you is this: I’m becoming more of a home-body.  I would rather stay in, drink tea, make a good dinner than go out.  I was supposed to go see friends in Lancaster, PA for NYE.  I began dreading the drive about 4 days ago, so I told them I’m not going.  My friends are going out tonight but told them I don’t want to go.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I’m wondering if it’s me resisting substance consumption, I wonder if it’s me managing bandwidth, I wonder if I really just enjoy being home more than other things.  And this makes me nervous, because I already don’t meet a lot of people.  Being Home Alone is not a good strategy for doing this.
Love you all.  I’m feeling positive vibes for 2013 for every GLP’er.  I’m happy we’re keeping this going.  Warm and fuzzy inside really.  I’m glad I get to continue to be here for all of you.  GLP and its constituents was a highlight of 2012.  GLP was a highlight of my 28 years, honestly.  You people amaze me.
I had a couple days worth of a “wanting” to hurt myself again.  I realized this desire will continue to pop its ugly head at times.  But, I didn’t do it this time (now I understand what people in AA go through).  GLP and “The Executive Decision Maker” that a patient gave me are the reasons I didn’t do it.  I hope you each know what that means to me.
Where would I be now without you?
Love again,


Call with JF 122612


  • Pick local papers (not country or regional papers)
  • “Great new gym comes to Parsippany” or “One of State’s Largest Crossfit Gyms comes to ParsippanY”
  • Write as actual article
  • Include headline on top, who what when were in first paragraph
  • Include a hook (maybe for New Year’s) – “Resolution Amnesty” – A month into the new year, 90% of all people who made a resolution to get fit have already abandoned that plan.  One of the single biggest reasons for resolution abandonment is a lack of mentorship, guidance, and community.  There’s a great, new solution that just opened in town.  That’s the antidote to the busted resolution blues.
  • You want to feel better, healthy, lean, energetic, waking up and living a life that matters, and the ability to do amazing things.  That’s why you made the resolution in the first place.  The crossfit model is designed to help you accomplish all those goals that your home-based gym or globo gym can’t do that.  It’s accountability, inspiration, communition, something bigger than just the workout.
  • Resolution Amnesty – we know that by now, most of you have given up on your resolutions that “This is the year, things change.”  Come here and you’ll get total amnesty at CFHJ.  We don’t care how many times you’ve broken the promises to yourself.  We’re here to help you forgive yourself and finally achieve those goals.
  • Write it as if it was a short article that you were reading in the paper.  Make it not too promotional.  Cap it at 250-400 words.
  • Include an image too!!
  • Call the newspaper and ASK for who I should send a release to about a new health/fitness business opening up in the area.
Other Marketing
  • direct response works really well.
  • shared mailing is cheaper.  but we don’t get much response.
  • postcard mailing is staple for fitness industry.  Because it works.
  • Direct mail is ALL about the list.  Tightly targeting exactly where you want to go.
  • List that is broken down by radius, income, age, affinity (history of purchasing something like this or Men’s Health mag)
  • If you have $2-3k budgeted, you can get postcards printed, mailed, and stamped for 50-75 cents/piece.
  • A decent response is 2% if well-targeted.  If you mail 4000 pieces, that would be 80 people.
  • One member is worth $1800/year.
  • Let’s save average member is worth $1200/year.  Would you pay 10% of that to get a new member?  Yes, I’d pay $120 to make $1,200.
  • Only way to know for sure is TO DO.
  • If you have $3k, split $1500 in direct mail and $1500 in well-targeted facebook/google.
  • Really target, reduce false negatives.
  • Guerrilla Marketing – paper neighborhoods, put people on corners
  • Everything should have an offer!!
Letter to Network
  • Purpose 1) Get them in and 2)Tell their friends
  • “I so enjoyed the opportunity to help you in different areas of your life and getting to
  • (free) – project or task management
  • Project and series of tasks – due date
  • Every person that is part of group gets update emails from tasks.
  • Glaring red flags when somebody’s stuff is NOT getting done.
  • Sort with Asana by person.
  • What is average retention for Crossfit member?
  • Does anyone in Crossfit have that information?
  • Ask MBO if they have it in a report?  Ask Crossfit if they have averages?
  • Why do people stop Crossfit?  Injuries.  This is what decreases Crossfit member retention.
  • Do we know anyone who does direct mail?
  • Does American Express do joint mailings (special offer) just AMEX card holders?  They mail for you.  A free 7 day trial and 25% off of the first month?  Generally higher income levels.  Ask merchant services person.  Call cust service number.

Saturday 122212

Hi All,

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, hoping you feel love all around you (if not in person, through our metaphysical presence), and shooting for the stars in 2013.  I know I am.

  • Launched website on Sunday.
  • Have about 30 members signed up for long term contracts, not including a local high school crew team that is working out with us for 3 months.
  • GOAL by 3rd week in January (when we move into larger, permanent space): 50 members.
  • In the pipeline sits a bunch of prospects that are waiting to sign up after the holidays are over, so 50 should be easy.
  • We had about 10 new leads come to the space this week, a couple signed up.  A few others have not acted yet.

All of this gym stuff caused my focus to be too broad, and it was affecting my treatments.  I’ve been treating a gentleman with plantar fasciosis for a while.  I’ve been very frustrated, so I paid the $350 for an initial visit with my mentor in Boston.  After the visit, my mentor spoke on the phone for an hour with me on what I can improve on.  This happened Monday night.  Tuesday-Friday quickly became one of my busiest weeks since Hurricane Sandy.  Interesting how that works.

I now own the following concepts:

  • Pick tightest body parts (most dysfunctional tests) to fix first.
  • You can throw all of the best doctors and all of the money in the world at a problem and if a patient is not respecting LOAD and CAPACITY, their symptoms will never get better.
  • To fully recover from exercise and musculoskeletal problems, people need 0.5g/lb of body weight.  (I may start to experiment with whey protein myself and see how I feel).

Vision Board Night last Sunday was a great success.  Led my friends through a meditation and several of them told me how good they felt afterwards.  I decided that I will run a meditation class when we move into the permanent space and also have a Vision Board Night at the gym.

Love you all.  Anxious to see how we stay connected in 2013.  Thinking about what an interesting and amazing year it’s been and how much each of you have affected my life.  Should have some more time to reflect over next few days, so hope to observe you all individually.


Sunday 121612


I love and am grateful for everyone of you.  You guys and gals give me butterflies.  

  • Signed lease Wednesday.  : )
  • First WOD (workout of the day) with 50 people yesterday morning (this is more people than expected). : )
  • Spoke to gym members about “life being precious” after the Connecticut debacle and also “Posture and alpha males”.  This is one of things that “makes me come alive.”  The platform works.  : )
  • Website launched: : )  [FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK, on the website or me as a human being, as always]
  • Trying to savor and celebrate a bit.  My subconscious mind hasn’t been trained to do this.  It just says “GO, GO, GO, DO MORE”.
  • Invited about 10 people over tonight for “Vision Board Night”.  The more I talk about magic, manifestation, achieving dreams to my business partners, the more I realize that no one teaches people this stuff.  We are going to practice over some 100% grass-fed crock-potted round roast and maybe even some FRO-YO (frozen yogurt).
  • Spent 5 hours this week on Emiliya’s first take home test for the Positive Psychology course.  It was stressful, but I thank the universe for this as I didn’t do any of her other assignments and it helped me learn and see where I can implement the PPI’s (positive psychology interventions).  : )
  • I miss Max and am wondering how he is doing.  : (
  • Candles and incense make me feel happy.  : )

I love and am grateful for everyone of you.  Godzilla-sized butterflies.

Thursday 120612

Dear my GLP Circle,

Please forgive me for missing last week’s update.  I did my best to keep up with all of your’s.

I am alive and well.  Having many phone calls for this certification in Positive Psychology, I’m emphasizing my gratitude practice, writing what I’m grateful for almost every night.  Waking up and always remembering to say “I’m grateful for waking up today.”  I want to put some primers (conscious reminders) in my car and on the walls, but I have not gotten to this yet.  But I will.

With that said, I’m behind on the Positive Psychology readings and also the Connect With Anyone online workshop that I signed up for.  I’ve accept this fact as there are more important priorities.  Namely, Personal Time, Patients, Gym Members, and other people in general.  Give more conscious energy to implementing vs. consuming lots of words written in the paper.  ie.  Started a member application for the gym and using the PP practices inside of it.  We’ll see what ends up being created.

Last Monday, a patient who I hardly help physically, but loves coming into the office, asked both my office manager Leann and me, “What’s wrong with you today?”  This hit me like a ton of bricks.  I immediately replied “My energy is low.”  I felt it and she felt it too.  Leann said the same thing about herself.  This is unacceptable.  Apparently, my “energy and time management” issues weren’t painful enough in the past.  But my clients calling me out on my lack of vibration is like rubbing salt in the wound.

Haven’t signed a lease yet.  Should be any day now.  Waiting on a noise provision.  With that said, I asked one of my gym partners [Thomas], “Do you think Steve [my older, business executive partner] does not respect me or looks down on me?”  Without hesitation, he said “Yes”.  I asked Thomas and his girlfriend why?  He gave me a few reasons:

  • I call Steve out on his bullshit.
  • I tell him when I’m not happy.
  • Steve is an alpha male and you compete for his position.  (He’s threatened) by me.

I’ve been writing an email letter to him, doing my best to be compassionate in it, leading with “I love you for …” and showing reasons why I’m grateful.  But not being able to be transparent with someone is weighing heavy on my soul.  I’m using some Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins techniques as well to keep the focus on me and not attacking him.Any comments on how I can talk with someone getting past their defenses will be observed.  I’m starting to really respect the enneagram and how certain people are really good at reading other people but not themselves.  I feel like the 9 in me is responsible for this.  Please feel free to tell me what my words are really saying about who I am.  

I love you all.  I appreciate you all.  


PS.  Do any of you have experience with oxygen bars?


Call with JF

  • Do you know anything about oxygen bars?  Probably fishy.
  • Probably our responsibility for noise provision.
  • “Change is within you.”  If people don’t like it, we can change slogan, to evolve the brand.

Found Notes from 7/30/12 talk with JF.

  • Get as much buzz as humanly possible.  Target them well.
  • Direct response to people in the neighborhood works for gyms, but it is COSTLY.
  • PPC – is anyone decent at it?  (Rich Casamento)  What keywords?  How much to pay for keywords?
  • “Retargeting” = = RESEARCH this website.  In NY Tmes, Mens Health, Live Strong
  • Set aside budget for 2 weeks of attention = WHAT is that number?


“Why the double standard, the generosity toward our neighbor and the miserlieness where we ourselves are concerned?  And so I propose that we add a new rule, which we can call the Platinum Rule, to our moral code: Do not do unto yourself what you would not do unto others.” ~Tal Ben-Shahar

Happy Thanksgiving my GLP people.

I’m grateful because at this time last year, NONE of you were in my life.  You entered it for a reason.  You’ve all nourished my soul with love, sunlight, and water, allowing me to grow higher in the sky, birthing more petals to absorb the universe’s sun energy.  I couldn’t imagine my life without every single one of you.  I feel connected, for life.  That brings me peace.  I’m here for you always.

There continues to be garbage rising to the surface from the Great Pacific Pain Patch inside me.  I’m examining the relationships of those who have a hold of me for genetic reasons.  I’ve realized things …

  • I don’t trust my mom.  I know she loves me and does a lot for me.  But my heart … doesn’t … trust her.  This makes me sad.  But my love for her seems full of compassion, which also makes me feel peaceful.
  • Everyone expects something of me. Everyone.  My mom expects me to be someone.  My dad expects me to be someone.  My business partners expect something of me.  My friends expect something of me.  My patients expect something of me.  The ONLY healthy relationships in my life are the ones in which both parties accept the other party, unconditionally and uncensored, albeit in a non-judgamental way.  Which leads me to …
  • Given the judgement of the world to live UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS to other people’s expectations, the only thing I know for sure is that happiness and fulfillment is living UP to my heart and soul’s expectations, and that alone.  No one else’s.  Source, not fear or ego.
  • If I do want a partner, I need to create space for her.  Apparently, according my actions, I don’t want one now.
  • I’ve kept myself super-busy for my short 28 years as a compensation mechanism for being alone, since I was 10 years old and my parents got divorced.  I was 12 years old when I started working out like a fiend.  I put myself into the physical pain of working out perhaps as a way to not experience guilt for my parents not being together?  Still exploring that thought.
  • I don’t need to workout to be happy now.  Kelly challenged me about the addiction of things, including working out.  I love it, but a piece of me sees that I can let the “runner’s high” go and still survive.
  • Be careful what I anchor to: According to the principles of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), I’ve anchored sex (unless a GOD-full experience) to emptiness.  I find this finding very interesting.  I’m not sure what to do with this wisdom at this moment.  Because I don’t want to make anyone squirm or get the Heeby Jeebies in their computer chairs, I won’t go beyond saying …
  • Babies have it right: I feel the need to sexually explore life from the perspective of a baby without the biased expectations of societal consciousness.  I’m not sure what that means except that it re-reads as right and true.
  • The spiritual path is steep: With Pop-pop’s passing, I was introduced to his spirituality advisor.  I will be driving 90 minutes every Tuesday one way in order to study “The Tao” with her.
  • Vegetarianism?  I spent 30 minutes having a conversation with some spiritual people about vegetarianism.  I asked them to make sense of it to me so I could grasp it.  They made sense of it.  The seed has been planted?


Shit happens.  Happiness Doesn’t.  ~Emiliya

Focusing on my own happiness and how to implement happiness practices into the modalities I work with.

BTW, the documentary Happy is extremely powerful.  In order to maximize consumed fruits, you mustn’t watch it alone.


The terms for lease are negotiated, except renewal terms.  Sheeple continue to let me know that getting this big of a space is the wrong move.  After all, this space will likely be the largest Crossfit gym in NJ, if not the tri-state area, which comes with a large nut to cover.  I’m willing to lose everything to explore this path … diving into the depths … and rising like a phoenix out of the fear and self-doubt of human beings across the Earth.

Help with Catalyzing Statement:

– Thank you for all of your help so far.  It was helpful very much.  Needs CADENCE and CALL TO ACTION.  We’ve been focusing on the word “Change” because that’s what we want HJ to be about.  Changing your thoughts, your actions, your behaviors, your life.  But we are open to other thoughts as well.  Feel free to give more, deeply passionate feedback.  I trust all of you …  (It needs to be a battle cry, going on the back of t-shirts, spoken during classes, dozens of times a day, and spoken when we give lectures to 150 business owners in early 2013.)

a) The change you seek is within you.

b) Seek the change within you.                          | |

c) Change is within you.                                        | | | |

d) Change – it’s an inside job!

e) Change is within your reach.                         | | |

f) To change, go within.

g) Be the change.

h) Embrace your dreams.  Change your life.


I’ve had some really rewarding experiences with patients recently.  These experiences continue to reaffirm my life purpose for spreading H&H (Health and Happiness) through whatever tools necessary.  Although I had the humbling experience of treating one Jonathan Fields and getting NO results.  Going back two years, I’ve treated some pretty cool people that I’ve been psyched to be able to treat (mainly all of you).  I always ask the universe that I receive something I can work with as far as musculoskeletal pathology goes.  I can usually help.  But … the universe likes to humble us.  The lesson?  I don’t fix anyone.  I only acknowledge a pathology, which has a solution.  When you put the square block into the square hole, just as a two-year old knows how to do, my heart sings.  LOL.  

Everyone is going to die from something.  Even the best doctors in the world sometimes say “There is nothing I can do.”

Me: zero.  Universe: one.

It always wins.

The universe and I love you.


Stuff happened. I can’t remember everything.  This is what I am aware of.

  • Sandy messed stuff up in NJ.
  • Green hornet died unexpectedly (see right).
  • Pop-pop died expectedly (I think that’s a word.)
  • “Letter of Intent” was accepted by space people.  Negotiating for this massive space that I’ve been told I have no business getting into … but I’m loving every second of doing it anyway.
  • Moved into new apartment.  Much more peace, much more tea/reading/guitar, much less work accomplished with no internet available.
  • A couple GLP’ers sent me some love.  So grateful for you ……….

Video Series

  • Had to scratch video 2.
  • Re-doing video 2 and 3 once we sign the lease and get into the space.
  • During Video 2 and Video 3 shoot, film “Call to Action” for videos when pre-sale is over.  “Call to Action” is to a) sign up for Saturday Free Class or b) give us email address.  Make sure to film someone saying this.
  • After videos are done, edit 3 videos into 1 video with our “call to action”, esp. if it has lots of testimonials.


  • Make sure email opt-in form is on front page.  Keep “Call to Action” on the front lines.  Get as many emails as you can.
  • The PURPOSE of all pictures is for potential clients to find themselves in our current clients.  So pictures should be of people smiling, working hard, being very connected and hugging, and being very happy.
  • Put “Time to start your journey” above the sliding picture????
  • Everyone loves WORD ART.
  • Slow slider speed down a second or two.
  • Move words inside of slider to top left or top right????  We are covering potential people’s faces that people may be able to identify with.
  • Make pre-sale video page THE HOME PAGE.  So no one misses the videos.
  • For pre-sale page, start with headlines, then put video, then put text with “call to action”.
  • Put everything in “About”‘s pull-down menu in the “About” Page.  WHY?  Everytime someone has to click, you lose people.  Space it out like DIGITAL TELEPATHY does in under  ie.  a great example of ONE LONG PAGE that works … a hot design style.
  • Put link to blog either a) under “Community” pull-down menu OR b) between “Community” and “Contact Us”.  What we are about should be “front and center”, not the blog.
  • Don’t allow the “Summary Page” to be clickable.
  • Make pull-down menu “anchor links” into one long page.
  • Make “FAQ” a lightbox.


  • They have an entire wall with their creed.  Let’s do the same.
  • Mind Valley: Video of walk-through.
  • Semi-translucent plexiglass as soon as you walk in the door with philosophy/creed GETS an immediate YES/NO out of clients.

Press Release Series

  • Revisit this in old journal.  Where are you “old journal”?  Come back please.

Ask for help.

  • – consistent branding??

Things to DO

  • Business Interruption Insurance – look into for BRC and HJCF
  • Lost opportunity at Garage Games – Crossfit 908.  How do I not repeat.  Clothing.  Tent.  Shirt.
  • Pick a Catalyzing statements –
  • “Face your dragon.  Slay your dragon.” [FEAR] Or
  • “We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt.  [TAKING ACTION] Or
  • “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” ~Joseph Campbell [FAILURE IS RICH]


  • Storm halted patient and cash flow.  Keep buffer of saving certain amount of dollars in bank account.

Interesting Facts:

  • NJ Bond for Pre-sale because gyms abusing pre-sale dollars.
  • Pre-sale money is NOT my money until you earn it.

102712 – 102812

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is floating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.  You all found The Great Pacific Pain Patch inside me.  I see you Pain Patch!!  Time to get cleaned up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for what I now remember as the “October 2012 GLP Intervention.”

I’ve never experienced an intervention before, but I imagine my spotlight was pretty damn close.

The unconditional compassion that I felt from the group, but especially LB, KW, JB, and KN … gravity has been inverted and my world is upside down.  I know my family cares about me.  But they’ve never spoken to me like you did.  And it hit me hard.

Some memorable quotes/concepts that punched me in the solar plexus when I re-read my notes (that I will look back on in order to own my growth):

  • “Speak quietly, but carry a big stick.” ~CG
  • Ironman poking the hulk.  Stand your ground with principle-based living.  ~EP
  • “Your earth energy is grounding to this group.” ~CG
  • “Moderate your temperance and foolhardiness.” ~KC
  • “Dont let alcohol or marijuana dilute you.” ~KC
  • “During NY, I felt that you and I understand … we are all one.  If that’s true, and you play rugby, and give yourself these black eyes and hurt yourself, why do you do it?” ~LB
  • “If we are one, who are you to hurt us?” ~JF
  • “Growth can come through the medium of pain or joy.  Let the medium of joy work for you too.” ~JF
  • “The more you hurt yourself, the less you’re capable of healing.” ~Someone
  • “Unconver the source to need such extreme forms of pain or feeling.” ~AD
  • “Your joy counts just as much as everyone else.  You are worthy.” ~CG
  • “Pain and healing in the arena.” ~SP
  • “For the addict, alcohol means death.  Why do you put it in your check-ins?” ~JB
  • “Why don’t you let girls love you?” ~KW
  • “Sort the truth vs. not the truth.” ~CG
  • “What is your hero’s journey?” ~SP

Then, Kelly Newsome blessed me with a talk in the airport before I left.

  • “If you’re not addicted, it should be easy to give up alcohol, smoking, food, Crossfit, or rugby.  Do it as a challenge to yourself.”
  • “The only way to find happiness is to work from the inside out.”
  • “People can stay in shavasana (sp?) all day when prone, but not very long when supine.”  Note: alpha-maleness, posture, vulnerability.
  • “Would you treat a patient the day after consuming alcohol?”
  • “Is it possible that alcohol/marijuana dims your light?”
  • “Maybe you’re not an addict, but let’s just assume you might be one.”

Lesson #1 of the Intervention: I am worthy.

I thought I was fulfilled.  It was a half-assed thought.  Working on another level of self-worth before I take any other actions.

Lesson #2 of the Intervention: Sobriety is in my future.  (I’m not ready yet though).

There has been a deep, deep dive involving my participation with mind-altering substances.  Examining my actions through a non-judgemental lens, I’m not seeing “abuse” of these substances.

I can see how they dim my “light.”

But, I’m not ready to completely exclude yet.

I had a few drinks last night.  With complete presence and you all in my head, I enjoyed them.  Which was surprising because I noticed the beginnings of a negative association between alcohol and pleasure.  The fun, happiness, and laughter experienced over rode that thought.

Lesson #3 of the Intervention: Replace pain with joy.

There have been no commitments as of yet as far as what I will remove from my lifestyle: foods, substances, activities.

Observing a rugby scrimmage yesterday, I was able to own how “distorted” an individual must be to play a violent sport such as rugby.

If I can’t remove the pain/hurt/violence from the game, then I won’t play anymore.

Lesson #4 of the Intervention: Be gentle with yourself.

In high school, the habit of self-discipline was high.  I never missed a workout, often getting two in a day.  On Saturday nights when I knew other kids were out drinking and having fun, I’d run up and down my stairs listening to dark, heavy music.

The history of CS includes alot of high expectations, standards, and rough edges.

There has been the realization that I tell all of you about crackers eaten, drinks drunken, and rugby rugged over (Thanks JB).  I thought I fully owned my “cheat activities” and obviously I didn’t.

For this reason, I will no longer share when I eat poorly or drink some wine.

I’ve been hard on myself for so long.  I’m going to be gentle on myself for now, hold the love, and see what the soul desires.

This will be a work in progress.

There is a lot more work to do.

This update has taken me several days to write, and many hours of space.  I want to write a lot more.  But, Hurricane Sandy is almost here.  Physical space is coming soon.  Mental and spiritual space is hard to come by.  Lots of change in the air and I’ll take this thing one day at a time.  The biggest monkey on my back is that I’m letting all of you and my patients down.  I know, though, that I need to make changes for ME, first and foremost.

I appreciate all of you.


5 Days until the final weekend of GLP in Mexico with JF … slightly bitter, very sweet.

This week, stuff happened:

  • Very close on two promising spaces.
  • Spot 1 is ridiculously large, 18,000 s.f., built out, very professional, including indoor track, turf field.  Asking $7.50/s.f., not charging us for 6,000 s.f. because they are going to “try” to subdivide the space.  $10,200/month rent.  Negatives: no “feel” and no community.  You can SEE the facility here.
  • Spot 2 is small, 3,000 s.f., has “feel”, downtown Denville with lots of foot traffic.  Negatives: expensive per s.f. ($24/s.f.) comes out to about $6,500/month, will need to build out, but may be able to use space temporarily.
  • While I’d love to have a spot inside of a community, most crossfit gyms don’t need it and are housed out of industrial spots.  Time will tell …
  • Emotional conversation with one biz partner.  Talked it out.  The change that I desired from bringing up the conversation didn’t happen.
  • Signed up for Emiliya’s Positive Psychology course.  I don’t really have the time for it, but I couldn’t resist.
  • Front loading nutrients = no cravings at the end of the day.
  • Completed KC’s NN Exercise, but it’s at my dad’s house.  Will share next time.  Need to implement it.
  • Read Susan Piver’s Hard Questions.  I found value in this book as a single person.
  • Reading The Art of Spiritual Healing by Joel Goldsmith.  Pondering a different perspective about God that I don’t necessarily agree with.  The belief that … God is good … If God is good, and everything that happens and occurs in the universe is God, then does that make murder good too?  I believe nature is always right.  And animals kill other animals.  So maybe murder is good?  Hard to wrap my head around.  A hypothetical question.


    • Simply, meditate more.  (Thinking I’m going to be gentle with myself and commit to this once space is settled.)

I hope I give all of you as much as you give me.

Love, Chris



  • Continued to negotiate, look at spaces.
  • Found a really cool space, a church, complete with pulpet and organ.  Only 800 s.f., but could provide a cool experience if doable.
  • Finished Richard Feynman’s book.  Lesson: Think more.  And go on more adventures.  Practice out of body experiences in sensory deprivation tanks.
  • Started Jill Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight”.  Lesson: Our right brain has the capacity to go out of body and experience nirvana.  AKA. nirvana/euphoria/”the universe is one” has physiological evidence to being true.  How can you not pursue it?
  • Treating as many patients as I can handle at this point.  I’m grateful to have a job that I love, helping and loving people.
  • Did KC’s “NN Exercise”.  Need to print this thing out and hang on wall with other inspirational magic.   – The 3 day HARVEST MOON festival happened while listening to Harvest Moon.  Best night sleep of the week!  DId you guys see it?!?!


  • Guitar/Meditation metaphor: Realized that this next stage of my life needs to be about spirit, and owning meditation for an hour a day.
  • Business-wise: Stay the path.  Persist.  If you doubt yourself, remember that TF did too.  Everyone does.

Your thoughts please … New Videos came out.  How does it make my practice look?

Love love.


What happened last week (is there anything to remember Chris?)

  • Continuing to look for permanent/temporary space.
  • Two nights spent getting the “Crossfit Moving Truck” aka “My dad’s ford explorer” towed to the mechanic and then getting it back to where we store the gym equipment.
  • A couple of late nights treating patients.
  • No quality meditation sessions – I seem to be struggling.  Note: Remember JF’s trapezoidal breathing advice.
  • Didn’t listen to GLP conference call or watch Ashley’s video.  Doing something else, apparently.  GLP is a priority, but my mind doesn’t seem to be making it so.

Lessons Learned:

  • Starting work at 9 AM and not getting home to unwind until 8 or 9 PM every night leaves NO white space for R&R or Creation…Not sustainable.

Gratitude For:

  • GLP, each GLP’er, my family, friends, and patients, the ability to walk and move, the ability to treat patients, Richard Feynman, the necklace a patient gave me, a hike I took on Friday with the biz partners, the leaves starting to turn dark red, waking up this morning, “Broken Heart” by EV.


  • Energy management, always.  Create time and space for meditation, exercise.
  • Find the space.
  • Remember how special life is.


Dear Good Lifers,

Wishing you a wonderful weekend …

Noteworthy stuff:

  • Space we’ve been pursing for past several months is now donezo.
  • Found two potential new spaces (should have been done months ago).
  • Too much time spent in the urgent/not important quadrant.
  • Creating blocks of time to create in the not urgent/important quadrant.
  • Reading “Surely you’re joking Mr. Feinman.”  Brilliant!
  • 2 days of 30 minute meditations this week.  Looking for 5 next week!
  • Brainstormed

Will catch up on all of you soon,



PS.  Song of the week: Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra – beautiful.


Dear My People,

A joke: What did the olive say when it fell from the tree?

“I’ll live!”

LOL, get it? That’s my favorite joke.

Below is my first video update. My hope is that you like it so that I can continue doing them. I sure learned a lot just by doing it. I also hope to reflect backwards on updates so that I can keep better track of progress, if I am in fact, I am making any.

Quicksand is everywhere … we all have to keep those feet moving.

Please give me feedback on how I can give a more pleasurable and efficient recap?

Love, Chris

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