Chris’s Story

 The world is your school.  ~ Martin H. Fischer

My favorite color: Green.  (The Forest-type, not so much the lime-type).

My favorite animal: Dolphins.  They’re free and they’re fast.  And they can kill a shark if one gets out of line.  And it’s been said that they jump out of the water and have sex “because they can.”

The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks me, “what do you love?”: connecting with another being, whether it’s staring at the eyes of a dog or talking about “why” a person lives.

 I’m 25 years old.  A quarter of a century is not a long time to figure out the ways of the world.  For this reason, I have a lot to learn.  But, life can be taken away at any moment.  For that reason, I have learned a lot.  The person I am today is a result of my past experiences, and more importantly, the near constant analysis of who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to do with my days. 

One of my mentors in chiropractic, Dr. William Brady, taught me that to fix an individual’s pain, you have to be a humble observer.  You have to remove your ego and any alterior motives for treating a patient (generating income or identifying with any profession) to get to the cause of a person’s issue.  Once you see the problem, you provide a “sweet spot” solution for that problem.  If it works, you are on the right path.  It if doesn’t, observe where you strayed and find the right path.  I’ve applied this concept to almost every aspect of my life. 

I remember asking myself in high school, why am I here?  I concluded, the purpose of life is to be happy.  I then added an addendum, to be happy while respecting the happiness of others.  I still think of this as my life purpose, and I realize that an individual’s values may play into their happiness by helping them be who they want to be.  For example, I don’t get direct fulfillment from washing the dishes.  But washing the dishes allows me to be responsible, and being a responsible person makes me happy.

I realized later in college, happiness necessitates a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Having been provided what many would think is an amazing childhood in the form of financial support and love, I wasn’t happy.  I discovered that following conventional health advice and the social constructs of our culture left me in bad shape.  The machines in the gym didn’t get me stronger, the medications I was taking didn’t make me feel better, and the hobbies other kids my age had didn’t make me happy.  So I changed my ways.

And it is working!  Now, I wake up happy everyday.  I am grateful for the health I have achieved and continue to strive for everyday.  I used to play football and it was the butterflies I got on game days that got me through every week and brought me happiness.  I can’t play football anymore. 

Now, what gives me those butterflies again is helping people.  This is the greater purpose for the humble observer: to love people, to inspire change where hope is lost, and to shed light on happiness by getting to the root cause of the struggle, one simple truth at a time.  The hope is that one day, the greater population will understand that we only get one Earth, we only get one body, and we only get one life.  We must treasure all of it.

Chris can be contacted at cstepiendc(at)gmail(dot)com.

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