Life starts with the SPIRIT, your “why.”

Your spirit is the difference between life and non-life, between human and chair. It sheds light on your purpose for waking up everyday. It is your reason for being, inspiring you to act. On your deathbed, you can say that (this) was what your time on Earth was about.

The sitting man is a symbol for that which brings you peace and fulfillment, for having lived your days without regret.

What if I told you that bliss, nirvana, enlightenment, oneness with God, oneness with the universe, ecstasy, heaven on earth, or whatever the heck you wanted to call the happiest you can ever imagine being, actually has a physiological basis in the body?

That’s right.

Just like how diabetes is caused by the death of the Beta cells of the pancreas and how marijuana activates the pleasure centers of the brain, bliss activates a specific area of the brain too.

Holy cow, right?!

This is big news.

How did Jill Taylor discover this?

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““If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path.  Your own path you make with every step you take.  That’s why it’s your path.”  ~Joseph Campbell

In the midst of the storm, with the thunder, lightning, and heavy winds, darkness is all around.  Perhaps you’ve just become single after a long relationship, or you’ve lost a loved one, or you’ve begun to question your own identity.  Negative thoughts in the form of monsters start to creep in on you, scary ones with really big teeth.  And you can hear them hissing, causing you to tremble in fear, which is exactly what the monsters want.

And it. is. scary!  You’re fearful beyond all belief.  You can’t imagine how you’ll be able to bear the pain for much longer.  The monsters demand your attention at all times, when you first wake, as you eat your meals, before you go to bed, and especially when you’re alone.

You find your eyes tearful more than not.

The crappy weather with its minions is not a fun experience.

Here’s the thing though.

The crappy weather is external.  It’s outside you.  It’s happening around you, whether you want it to, or not.  For your own good!

That’s the amazing part.  You get to decide what your internal environment is like and how you respond.

You get to decide your direction on your path.

Whether you become stagnant and stuck, with your feet sinking in the quicksand ever so slowly, paralyzed by the monsters …

Or …

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  ~Joseph Campbell

Whether you’re going to face your monsters and move forward despite the rain, one foot in front of the other.

Each step is a movement, an action on your journey, allowing spiritual growth.  Allowing you to live up to your infinite potential as a being on Earth.  And live the life of your dreams.  Being your own hero on your hero’s journey.

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