Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein

Let me help you achieve a level of H&H (health and happiness) you’ve never imagined.

Life can be complex.

Others want instant results, whether in a magical pill or in disrespect of the process.

Others want health, fitness, and happiness; they just don’t know who to trust.

Vast amounts of information are available, yet the struggle continues.  Confusion causes inaction.

You are not others … you are here.  I’m all smiles.  : )

The purpose of The Humble Observer is to get you healthy and happy.

If you don’t achieve these results, I have failed.

What do you get by hanging with other humble observers?  A healthy dosage of perspective.

The Humble Observer is a thinker.  A mover of reality.  Seeing clearly cause action.  Awareness of the principles of H&H causes real-life results exceeding previous expectations.

Want to lose weight?  Get off your medication?  Get rid of your back pain?  Diminish the intensity of allergies?  Learn the way the world works, then go with the flow.

Observe, use what works, throw away what doesn’t.

The Humble Observer achieves happiness through health of body, mind, and spirit.

Hi!  My name is Christopher Stepien.  That’s me on the rower.  I am a chiropractic physician from New Jersey whose purpose is to educate others how to live the natural lifestyle (because it works).  I love being outside, staying active, music, culture shocks, and enjoying the many people I have had the privilege of meeting in my short time on this planet.  To read more about my story, go here.

Who am I to help you on the path towards health and happiness?

Humbly, someone who has failed in health and happiness, but who continues to find his way.

Posts happen once a week.  Topics include: diet, movement, fitness, physiology, social relationships, human behaviors, psychology and fun.

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